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Vantage is official government partner of Zhejiang, Haining.

We are proud supporter of Zhejiang University 120 years anniversary/ Global Higher Education Symposium. Congratulations!

We are collaborating with several associations, such as AHK Germany in China.


Office Vantage International targets to facilitate collaboration between Chinese and European companies (such as German/ Austrian/ Swiss).

Furthermore, through its educational services it supports Chinese talents, businesses and government organizations.

Map Vantage International is located in Haining, in direct proximity to both, Shanghai and Hangzhou being major spots of China in Zhejiang province.

This is an extraordinary situation for transportation (such as shipping, aircraft) as well as for coverage of required talents.

Zhejiang, a prime location in China being in the JiangZheHu triangle with nearly 200mn inhabitants and approx. 40 cities with over one million inhabitants. Being the probably most active economic region, it offers high talents, huge low-cost workforce, perfect infrastructure and a charming place to reside.